Wrap Up: The Nation Zamar Moving Forward Tour

September 18, 2018




It was rigorous because it forced me to grow while chasing my passion. It was spiritual because I experienced God in a new way. It was physically challenging because I pushed to better myself while I was on the road. It was transforming because I faced things I have been running from. It was exposing because I dealt with all my personal shit while being around a new group of people.


See, people think growth is supposed to be easy, and full of positive affirmations etc. But the truth is, growth hurts, AND ITS SUPPOSED TO. God knew I wouldn't face my personal demons on my own at home so he took me somewhere where I had NO control, and proceeded to rock my world. I was ministered to and ministered to others all while He forced me to deal with ALL the hurt I had been holding onto.


In addition to all of this, he re-introduced me to my love of music and ultimately the reason why I do what I do. I have CHANGED y'all. So the tour was indeed rigorous, but it was needed. And lemme tell you, once I gave into the change, I had FUUUNN.


So to my brothers Redd, James, Djon, Lamarr and Corey, thank you for being a part of my transformation.  You all were so intrumental and I will always remember this as a turning point in my life.


And thank you Nation for bringing me on, blessing me, and letting God work through you.  There will never exist the correct combination of words to say how grateful I am for you, and everything else you have done.  I love you.

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