It Takes A Villiage

August 19, 2017

I am so humbled.  I have been working on this post for two days now because I can't seem to find the right words, but my video shoot was the most amazing experience that I could have had as an artist.  When u have a vision in your head and the people around u execute it WITHOUT YOU TELLING THEM, that's when u know God exists.  So I would like to take some time and really thank a few people:


Somlit:  We make a GREAT team.  You seem to take all my sporadic thoughts and ideas and create a cohesive vision.  You are TALENTED my friend and no matter where life takes us, u will always get a call from me!


Kimmay:  This is our first, but definitely not last project together.  People will obviously think that you were only a choreographer, but they don't know that you are co-director, and largely responsible for the concept. I could never repay you and sit tight. More is on the way!


Ce-Ce and Eric:  You guys came to my rescue in my time of need.  You lifted my spirits when I was down and I will NEVER forget that.  Thank you for your makeup, time, humor and love.  I'm so grateful for you both.


Jordan, Marc, Kayla:  Yall make me look GOOOD.  With sexy talented dancers like you guys, I know this video will be everything I imagined


Clay:  I just met you, but I have a feeling you'll fit right into my circle.  Thank you for being a dope dancer, editor, and comedian.


Alexis and Chris: You guys are the stars of the video and you acted just like that; stars.  Yall looked sooo beautiful and your skills made me believe the story.  Thank you for being a part.


Kyle:  I love you.  You support me and you build me up.  There is not enough space for me to mention all the work behind the scenes that you do for me, but just know that I see you and I admire you.


God:  When I don't know what to do, you show up.  When I despair you drop the people above into my lap.  When I can't go on, you carry me.  Ever since I arrived in CA, you have been stepping in JUST when things got bad.  You've always provided a way for me and I know that you're not done yet.

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