Flushing Your Luck

January 27, 2016

 I did something weird.  But it completely changed my outlook on everything.


Allow me to elaborate:  I have entered into an online mentorship/weekly seminar that is directed towards artist like myself that need guidance and assistance in making their dreams come true.


Our assignment this week was to cut the definition of luck out of the dictionary, and flush it.  The whole point of this is to signify that you are removing the obstacle of luck from your vocabulary and from your mind.


Why would you want to remove luck from the equation especially when you are in a profession like this?  Especially when you are a zodiac dragon?  Why flush your luck?


Because luck has NOTHING to do with achieving your goals.  My entire life, friends and family have told me that music prosperity is about luck, and being in the right place at the right time.  But I now disagree.  My success is not based on luck, it is based on DESIGN.  I will make my own opportunities, by putting myself in the same circles as those who I either want to be, or work with.  I will need to put myself in a mindset where I will be ready to receive my light when it comes.  Finally, I will need to trust God's design for my life, and align his with mine.


So today, I encourage you all to flush your luck, and begin to design your future.  Don't forget to leave comments with your flush!  I would love to see who's with me on this!


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