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July 19, 2016


Dragons have been regarded as fearsome creatures capable of intense magical ability and power.  Simply by breathing, a Dragon can create fire: an element used to support life, or destroy it.  They are so revered, that they have made their way into the lore of civilizations across the world.  Dragons are the foundation upon which mortal creativity has fed for centuries.  It is upon the back of this legendary creature that I have decided to give carry my company; Dragon Score Sound. 


Those who are familiar with the Brenden Leigh brand know that I am a singer, songwriter, producer, editor and performer.  Obviously, all of these services will be offered through my company, Dragon Score Sound, so why not name the company after myself?  The answer: Dragon Score is so much more than just promoting Brenden Leigh.


- MUSIC DEVELOPMENT:  Using our resources, we can create production, write to your existing production, coach performances and much more for any artist that needs content.


- SITE CREATION:  With a powerful team of designers, Dragon Score can create a full, interactive website that is focused on the artist and their brand/music.

- ARTIST COACHING: Whether vocal, instrumental, or production, we can coach the artist to be better and more effective onstage and in the studio.


- GRAPHIC DESIGN:  Logos, artist business cards, t-shirts, etc, Dragon Score can create something unique and memorable that is exclusive to the artist.


Dragon Score Sound is more than Brenden Leigh; it is a service designed by the music community FOR the music community.  Click HERE to read more about my company and what I offer.  I am so excited to present my company to you all, it has been a huge dream in the making.  Stop by and check it out!


Dragon Score Sound - Supernaturally Creative.

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