Perform With Passion - Part One

April 5, 2016




The one part about live shows that surprisingly, most musicians and singers tend to forget.


This is a trap that many artists/musicians fall prey to.  "I have the chops, so all I need to do is play/sing, and I'll blow them away," or my favorite, "I dance when I'm on stage, so yah, I would say I'm a GREAT performer."


Performing is more than moving around or having chops.  Performing is deeper than any catchy or proverbial sentence I can come up with.  Performing is more memorable than any lick you play or run you can sing.  So what is performing?


In the Fall of 2015, I went to see Janet Jackson on her most recent tour at the Staples Center.  From the moment I walked into the stadium, the DJ was playing all of the songs from her recent album, getting the crowd hyped.  He interacted with all of the people who stood up and danced to his set, calling them out, giving them recognition.  When the concert started, Janet pointed at individual people, responded to the audience, danced harder when we cheered, pumped us up when energy was low.  It almost seemed as if she wanted to get to know every single person in the crowd that night.


Notice I didn't mention her ability as a vocalist or a dancer?  That is because I cannot remember specific choreography she performed.  Additionally, she is not known for being a phenomenal singer.  However, I can say in full confidence that I have never seen someone connect to their audience so quickly and intensely.  THAT is what I will always remember about her concert.  THAT is performing.


As many of you know, I have a knack for this skill, so over the next few articles, I will explain the various techniques that I believe will make your performances truly unforgettable.  Whether you are a musician, singer or dancer, there are many ways to tap into your stage presence for your personal benefit, as well as those who are watching.


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