Formation Feuds

February 9, 2016



Everyone...and I mean EVERYONE has something to say about Beyonce's new single.


The biggest problem I have is that too many people (more specifically women of color) are attacking her stating that she is selling out, capitalizing on being black to get sales.  Many people are pointing out the typical pop structure the song follows that repeats a catchy hook, or a sassy pre-chorus.  They say the video spreads the message, but the lyrics are shallow.


I'm here to tell yall that it's not that deep fam.


Beyonce released a song KNOWING that if she wanted it to be played on the radio, it had to follow a certain formula.  For those who are not in the industry, (which to be honest are the majority of those who have an opinion) in order to ge a song on the radio, it has to have a certain sound, certain lyrics, etc.  There are entire teams dedicated to reviewing music, greenlighting those that are to be played, rejecting the rest.


Beyonce knows the way to radio.  She knew if she released a Sista-Soulja song that it would not see the light of radioplay.  Therefore, she released something a little more pop, with hints of black movements in the lyrics and the visuals.


What you wanted Erykah Badu or Jill Scott to come out with a foot stomping, soul-searchin, good ole negro socialist tune?  You wanted that song to be on the radio, social media, the superbowl and on the tips of everyone's tongue for the next few days?  


That was never gonna happen.  Those two singers I have just mentioned spent their entire careers speaking about social change and being black in america.  As most of you know, I love those singers.  But they dont have Beyonce's platform.


EVERYONE is talking about Formation this week.  News outlets, RSS feed, black people, white people, latin people, asian people, young people, old people, the industry, and radio.  In my eyes, she accomplished her goal and got people to acknowledge these issues and speak about them.  I say well done.


Also, her whole point was female unity, so ladies, can we please support a sista and show unity?  Especially during black history month?!

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