August 16, 2015

 It's finally time to #GetReadyForBrendenLeigh!!!  Album drops September 12th at midnight, and my album release party will be held that day at Shambhala Studio in Chinatown, 410 Bamboo LnLos Angeles, CA 90012, 7-11pm!  I would love to see everyone there to celebrate this accomplishment with me.


After the album drops, I will be releasing a weekly video series for 12 consecutive weeks, called Behind-The-Studio that will break down the songs on the album. Every week, I will release one video for one song from ANTICIPATION.  Concepts, inspiration, production, writing, and the recording process will be shared with you all from my website, so you can see how I completed ANTICIPATION.  Finally, before the album hits, I want to say thank you to a few people:


Silent Jay:  You are an amazing producer and I sincerely am appreciative of the work you put into mastering my album.  I look forward to making many hits with you, and watching you succeed!


Jose Romo: For setting me on this path, believing in me, and still supporting.  I appreciate you.


Steven Valdez:  You have been an amazing soundboard and thank you for shooting all of my visual content.  You make me look so sexy :)


Kara Lew:  You LITERALLY picked me up when I almost gave up.  I love you and I am SO lucky to have you in my life.


Kyle Johnson:  There are rocks and there are FOUNDATIONS.  You have been the perfect sounding board creatively and professionally.  I could never have done ANY of this without you.  I love you and thank you SOOO much for everything.


PJ Harrod:  What better best friend could a guy ask for?  You have been a  foundation for me as well, keeping me on the right track, and not letting me slow down.  I love you!


Tameka Thompson:  You also have been an amazing foundation and support system for me.  I love you and can't wait for your project to drop!


DaRyn Merriwether:  My musical spouse hahah!  Thank you for believing in me, and always being down for a session.  I can't wait for us to go on tour!


Sonora Pannell:  You are a great mom, and since I could remember you have always told me I was destined for this.  Thank you for keeping me grounded, and enjoy the ride: this is as much of a success for you as it is for me!


Dean Pannell:  You are extremely level-headed and reasonable which is perfect for those times when I am prone to despair.  Thank you Dad for all the pep-talks, and just being there.


Brothers and Sisters:  There's a WHOLE lotta yall, so I put you in one group! LOL  You guys are amazing people and I love each of you dearly.  Thank you for your calls, prayers, and interest in this project.  It really helps.


Social Cup:  You guys know who you are.  I am a lucky guy to have such an amazing team that is not only there for me professionally, but also there for me when I need a friend.  I love you all!


Artists on ANTICIPATION:  Thank you all for being a part of this dream, I am really happy to have shared a song with all of you!


Keep your eyes peeled for those videos, follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get updates on when the album drops as well as other content! 



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