February 26, 2015


Photo shoot? Check.  Final mixes?  Done.  Copyrights? Sent.  ASCAP? Registered.  Album?  DELAYED.


So much has happened with the album, and everyday is a battle.  Tons of fans, family and friends are waiting for this album to be completed, and I was right there!


...Until I left my management.


It was a step that needed to be taken, however this meant the album would be pushed back yet even further, and I would lose my funding.  I walked away knowing this was the right step for all parties involved, yet I couldn't help but think, "when will this happen for me?"


That is when God stepped in and reminded me that he has my back.  A few days after, I met with a good friend who mentioned that she has been waiting for me to approach her so that she could put me in contact with someone who could catapult Brenden Leigh into a completely different playing field.  In the same week, I was introduced to a friend of a friend who also is well connected and offered to assist me on my journey.  Finally, I was reconnected with a producer friend, who has plugs with various other producers and managers in the industry.


The reason I am telling you this?  Because you are my fans, and you have all waited so patiently for my album.  Also, I want to tell you all the reason why "ANTICIPATION" is not here yet: I want it to be the BEST it can be.


That look on my face in the picture above? DETERMINATION.  PROMISE.  HOPE.  By the end of the year, you WILL hear me.  And I will be better, stronger, and more ready than I ever have been.


                                                                                     -Brenden Leigh

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