Anticipation the Album is Coming!

February 1, 2015

Hey everyone!


As you read this, I am sitting here in my underwear making phone calls, editing the website, contacting my manager, speaking with PR people, trying to make sure that when this album hits, that it hits big.  With my full-time dayjob, finding a moment for a sanity check has been really tough.


Hence the name of the album.


Anticipation is more than just a fancy album title, it's the one human emotion that has dominated my entire being since 2014.  Working on this album has been a blessing and a HUGE creative outlet, but when the album was finished, I stood back and asked, what now?  How do I make sure that it gets to the listeners?  How do I get it to the labels?  What if it doesn't do anything, and I am stuck doing the same deskjob for the next year or two?


I do not doubt that once people hear the love and hardwork put into this music that they will love it; it's more about getting it to the masses, and getting it to people of influence.  Either way, I am excited.  And even more, I am grateful to share my work.  And most of all, I am grateful for Anticipation.


...But do me a favor and check it out when it comes out?  I promise there is some good stufff in there!! :)



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